Dear Confused Copycat’s Soul

09 Apr

Dear Confused Copycat’s Soul, it’s alright to want to be like someone. It is harmless to be inspired by her/him, write like her/him, dress up in a similar way, do or pretend to do things your ‘inspirations’ do. It’s okay, you know, to look up to others and want to be like them. You might want to blog like them, tweet like them, have similar profile pictures like them, you might want to have the same coterie of admirers as your inspirations do, you might want to do exactly what they do & then put up status updates to draw similar appreciative comments as your inspirations do from their friends/ followers/ admirers. All that is normal. It is okay. The question is how do you achieve all this. If it is by doing what you have been doing so far, that is, by copying, then read on.

Before you start watching/ lurking/ poaching/ copying, decide who you want to be, which person should you follow to please and befriend. Because there are some really smart people out there, who are what they are because they have put in years of hard work to reach there or are innately creative geniuses or naturally smart and original. There’s nothing fake about them. Don’t start by robbing them. Instead try something that is original, something that is yours. Also kindly, in order to walk/ talk/ look/ tweet/ update/ write ‘smart’, stop lifting lines from the net & claim them to be yours. It looks cheap, very cheap, especially to those who you want to please thus. One look at your profile page reveals it all, you know. It helps to be original, which obviously, you aren’t, because you copy others to begin with. So!


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2 responses to “Dear Confused Copycat’s Soul

  1. IdeaSmith

    April 11, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    This the same one? Can’t believe he’s STILL doing that!

    • Rose Tinted Glasses

      April 11, 2011 at 6:11 pm

      No. This time it is someone I used to have on my FB list, who had connected through mutual friends, but had got the person off my list the moment I saw the person ‘poaching’ on my friends’ list. Recently, I per chance visited the FB profile thinking about forgiveness, reconnecting etc. & I saw updates that have been lifted from various ‘quotable’ quotes, a few posts 7 notes distinctly similar to another friend’s updates & notes which had been passed on as original to unsuspecting friends …. such people never change. Thus the outrage 🙂


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