Wonder year no.8

05 Jun
If I am to believe my 8 year old, the world is pink (don’t you get it, it’s a girl’s world!) and boys don’t belong there. On her 8th birthday she announced : Boys are “dirty, rotten scoundrels” who always fight, who bug girls, who play exclusive “boyish” games, they are “gross” because they lodge “fart bombs” at others, eat up the unwanted part (read nutritious) bits of the lunch I pack for her, make frog faces at her fruitilicious lunchboxes, in short they are inane nincompoops who run in the other direction when they see girls.
A word of advice that I shared as a conscientious mother, ” Wait a couple of years and watch the fun” . I didn’t have the heart to drop the clanger just as yet!
And then came the day she turned 8 yrs, 7months and 24 day, she walked up to me, a coy smile lit up her eyes as she shared ” I think I have fallen in love with a boy in my class, he is so sweet!!!”

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